Guaranteed Pension Scheme Andhra Pradesh 2023: Apply Online, Eligibility, benefits

Guaranteed Pension Scheme Andhra Pradesh 2023: Apply Online, Eligibility, Documents, Official Website, Helpline Number, Benefit, Beneficiary, Date, Ensuring Financial Security for Government Employees

Under the direction of Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, the Andhra Pradesh Cabinet has approved the rollout of the (GPS) for government employees. This program intends to give workers stability and financial security after they retire.

In this post, we’ll examine the Andhra Pradesh Guaranteed Pension Scheme’s qualifying requirements, application procedure, necessary paperwork, and salient characteristics.

Andhra Pradesh Guaranteed Pension Scheme 2023

Scheme NameGuaranteed Pension Scheme
StateAndhra Pradesh
Launched byAndhra Pradesh CM Jagan Mohan Reddy
BenefitDaily allowance will be provided to all employee of the state
BeneficiaryAll Government Employee of the State
Application ProcessOnline and Offline (Both)
Helpline NumberVery soon
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Guaranteed Pension Scheme AP Key Benefits and Features

This Scheme offers numerous benefits to government employees in Andhra Pradesh. These include:

  • Assurance that upon retirement, the employee would get a pension equal to 50% of their final withdrawn salary.
  • increase in government employees’ dearness allowances (DA), which will improve their pension payouts.
  • The Contributory Pension Scheme should be replaced in order to meet employee concerns and provide a minimum pension.

Eligibility Criteria

Government employees in the state of Andhra Pradesh must meet specific requirements in order to be eligible for this Scheme. The program addresses the employees’ worries about the lack of certainty of a minimum pension by replacing the Contributory Pension Scheme (CPS). The requirements for eligibility include:

  • Employment by the state government : Must be a government employee under the state Andhra Pradesh state government.
  • Completion of a specified number of years in service : Must have completed a specified number of years in state/centre government service.

पर्वतमाला योजना के तहत सरकार नेशनल रोपवे प्रोजेक्ट चला रही है.

Required Documents

To complete the application process, certain documents are required. These documents include:

  • Domicile certificate: Evidence of Andhra Pradesh residency
  • Aadhaar card: A form of identification
  • Mobile phone:Information on how to reach you for communication
  • Electricity bill: Based on monthly consumption, confirm eligibility.

Guaranteed Pension Scheme AP Application Process

The process of applying for the Scheme is easy and convenient. For the benefit of all employees, the government has made both online and offline choices available. The steps in the application process are:

Online application process:

  • Visit the program’s official website.
  • Give accurate information when filling out the application.
  • submit the required paperwork.
  • finish the application procedure.

Offline application process:

  • Send the application form and other paperwork to the appropriate government offices.
  • Employees can get help with the procedure from the staff at these offices.

The Modi administration is providing support for the elderly through the Atal Pension Yojana; if you are also qualified, submit your application using this link.

Comparison of Contributory Pension Scheme (CPS) and Guaranteed Pension Scheme (GPS)

 Contributory Pension Scheme (CPS)Guaranteed Pension Scheme (GPS)
Minimum PensionNo assurance of a minimum pensionAssured 50% of last drawn salary as pension
Growth of DANo provision for gradual growth of DAGradual growth of DA for increased pension
Employee DemandsEmployees protested against CPSGPS introduced to address employees’ demands


A historic program called the Andhra Pradesh Guaranteed Pension Scheme attempts to give retired government workers stability and financial security. The government has responded to employee concerns by changing the Contributory Pension Scheme, ensuring an assured minimum pension and the progressive development of the dearness allowance.

All employees can use the program because of its straightforward application procedure, broad eligibility requirements, and availability of both online and offline options.

The Andhra Pradesh government underlines its dedication to the welfare of its employees with the implementation of the Guaranteed Pension Scheme, promising a better and more secure future for them after years of devoted service.


Q : What is the Andhra Pradesh Guaranteed Pension Scheme?

Ans : With the guarantee of a minimum pension, the Andhra Pradesh Guaranteed Pension Scheme was created by the government to give retired government workers financial stability.

Q : How does the Guaranteed Pension Scheme differ from the Contributory Pension Scheme? 

Ans : The Contributory Pension Scheme (CPS) did not guarantee a minimum pension and did not provide for the dearness allowance’s (DA) steady development.

In order to allay these worries, the Guaranteed Pension Scheme (GPS) guarantees an assured 50% of the employee’s final drawn income as pension with the gradual growth of DA.

Q : Who is eligible for the Andhra Pradesh Guaranteed Pension Scheme? 

Ans : One must work for the Andhra Pradesh state government and have served a minimum number of years in the government in order to qualify for the Guaranteed Pension Scheme.

Q : What are the required documents for applying to the Guaranteed Pension Scheme?

Ans : The necessary paperwork includes an Aadhaar card for identity, a mobile phone number for communication, and an electricity bill to confirm eligibility based on monthly use.

The domicile certificate serves as confirmation of presence in Andhra Pradesh..

Q : What is the application process for the Guaranteed Pension Scheme? 

Ans : The scheme’s application process is straightforward and includes online and offline options. Government personnel have two options for applying: either online through the official website or in person at specified government offices with the necessary paperwork.

Q : How does the Guaranteed Pension Scheme benefit government employees? 

Ans : Government employees who retire are given stability and financial security via the Guaranteed Pension Scheme. It ensures that they will receive a pension that is at least 50% of their most recent wage and that the dearness allowance will gradually increase, increasing their pension payments.

Q : Can government employees from all departments apply for the Guaranteed Pension Scheme? 

Ans : Yes, Andhra Pradesh state government employees from all departments are eligible to apply for the Guaranteed Pension Scheme.

Q : Is there any caste-based restriction for availing the Guaranteed Pension Scheme? 

Ans : No, you cannot apply for the Guaranteed Pension Scheme based on your caste. Employees from any caste are eligible to participate in the program as long as their monthly electricity consumption does not exceed 200 units.

Q : What is the objective of the Andhra Pradesh Guaranteed Pension Scheme? 

Ans : The Guaranteed income Scheme’s goal is to relieve government workers’ financial burdens after retirement by guaranteeing an established minimum income and steady growth of the dearness allowance.

Q : How does the Guaranteed Pension Scheme contribute to the welfare of government employees in Andhra Pradesh? 

Ans : By providing financial security and stability after retirement, easing their concerns about post-retirement income, and assuring a better and more secure future for them, the Guaranteed Pension Scheme raises the standard of living for government employees.

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