Uttar Pradesh Shishu Hitlaabh Yojana: Apply Online

Uttar Pradesh Shishu Hitlaabh Yojana 2019 (शिशु हितलाभ योजना) [Application Form and How to Apply]

The Shishu Hitlaabh Yojana is a new program that the state government of Uttar Pradesh has introduced. Additionally, sources claim that the state government will oversee the entire plan. Shishu Hitlaabh Yojana is a program that provides financial aid to new parents so they can give their newborn kid enough nutrition.

The program was specifically created to provide healthy food to newborns of eligible, benefiting parents who come from a lower socioeconomic status.

Uttar Pradesh Shishu Hitlaabh Yojana
Uttar Pradesh Shishu Hitlaabh Yojana

Features of the Uttar Pradesh Shishu Hitlaabh Yojana

  • For their child up to age 2, the eligible beneficiary of this program will receive financial support of Rs. 10,000 annually. Also, the eligible girl kid will receive a yearly sum of Rs. 12K.
  • Every worker who qualifies and registers with the welfare board as a construction worker receiving a daily salary will receive full nutritional benefits under the program.
  • After the child is born and his birth certificates have been lodged by the parents, the beneficiary will be entitled to receive the full advantage of the new system.

Eligibility criteria For Shishu Hitlaabh Yojana

  • Exclusively for registered workers – All registered workers from the state of Uttar Pradesh, regardless of gender, are eligible to receive financial aid from the UP government. This includes both male and female new parents.
  • Exclusively for residents of UP – The beneficiary must remain in the state for the duration of the program in order to get all benefits. He might therefore be required to present his certificate of domicile for the state of Uttar Pradesh.
  • However, the government has said that only families with no more than two children will be eligible for the payment.

Important Documents

  • Recipients must provide a document from the appropriate medical officer that details the worker’s expected delivery date.
  • New parents must submit a letter of request to the relevant authority in order to be eligible for financial aid. The beneficiary amount of Rs. 1000 will then be provided annually for the first year.
  • Also, the beneficiary must present the certificate of the child’s living evidence from the appropriate medical officer in order to receive the financial assistance provided by the state government under this program.

Application Form and How to apply

  • The recipient will have to finish the application process in two steps in order to submit an application under the program for registration. A family member must submit the application prior to the end of the first year following birth.
  • The DDO (District Development Officer) in charge of that Labor office must receive the application letter. The application can also be delivered to the Tehesildar and DBO at the Tehsil office (Development Block Office).
  • It is obvious that the parent or family member making the request will receive a copy of the application letter in exchange, which must be kept with them for verification.
  • The parent must submit a copy of the certificate asserting the child’s well-being in order to get the benefit under the scheme for the second year in a row.
  • A copy of the child’s birth certificate and delivery certificate must be included when filing a claim, along with a letter of application.
  • The request letter may be submitted within a year, but if it is submitted later than that, the government would be entitled to a deduction of Rs. 1000 each month.

The state government’s initiative is highly acclaimed by the social activities in the state with the goal of reducing the number of malnourished births in the state. The UP state government has become the first state to offer financial assistance for supplying a new-born infant with nourishing nourishment by introducing this Shishu Hitlaabh Yojana.

Up government Website- https://up.gov.in/
Further details are available at http://www.upbocw.in/StaticPages/child benefit.aspx.
Under the Shishu Hitlabh Yojana, 625 people received 73 lakh 41 thousand rupees.

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